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Electrical Systems Division


The electrical engineering team is responsible for designing, testing and implementing the vehicle's power distribution system. For example, a kill switch for emergencies, voltage regulators for the different components, as well as designing and implementing different Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).  The division is in charge of researching, selecting, and installing the AUV's electronic devices. Each member must be able to perform basic electrical tasks such as reconnecting wires, soldering, and battery management, among other things.

The electrical team designs the digital controllers to implement in the system, as well as developing digital filters for our underwater microphones (Hydrophones).


The electrical systems team is in charge of creating all the circuits to distribute the power in different voltages to the different components. Also, the team is in charge of regulating voltages and developing a kill switch to turn off the AUV in case of emergency. The team is also in charge of safely handling, storing and utilizing the LiPo batteries used in our AUV.

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Néstor Rivera 

Electrical Engineering


Víctor Riefkohl

Computer Engineering


Félix González

Electrical Engineering

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