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Health plans which we accept:


The software divisions design and implement all the logic that our vehicle needs to have in order to achieve the tasks assigned in the RoboSub 2024 competition. Our divisions include the Software Architecture division which creates the necessary connections between the vehicle’s components and the rest of the software divisions modules by utilizing the ROS stack. In addition, we develop the mission control package, which describes the tasks that our AUV can be do. The Computer Vision division is responsible for developing machine learning algorithms that allow our vehicle to detect various objects that are underwater. The Controls Systems division is the team is responsible for the development of a state-based controller where each state is a degree of freedom. All the manipulations and actions are managed by the Embedded System division which use an Arduino to accomplish this. Recently added to the list, we have the Sonar Systems division which takes care of all signal processing tasks which helps identify the position of the AUV in its environment. Finally, we have the Simulations division which uses ROS and CAE/multi-physics simulations with the objective of helping our software teams with the validation and testing of the software. 

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