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During the academic year, IEEE helps organize all the outreach activities done during each semester. As a part of IEEE, RUMarino has had the opportunity to find schools around the island, and go personally to teach and encourage students in the age range of 10-17 years old, the novelty of autonomous vehicles. The greatest example we can give them is Proteus and Hydrus, designed and developed by undergraduates students of the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus.

RUMarino was provided the opportunity to present Proteus to the specialized Elementary School of Robotics in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Likewise, Proteus was also presented in the Central University of Bayamón's 2017 summer robotics camp for children whose ages range from 12 to 16. Our goal is to promote robotics to students for them to develop an interest of STEM related fields. Most recent activities have taken place with students from Sagrado Corazón in Ponce, Puerto Rico and CROEV from Villalba, Puerto Rico. In both virtual activities RUMarino has presented Proteus and Hydrus. RUMarino has been given the opportunity to mentor a groups of students from CROEV by helping them develop the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for their research with a private school from Maryland. In these events, the students have responded ecstatic to how robotics was implemented in autonomous vehicles and developed even more interest in fields related to robotics. These outreach activities can also incite their further studies to be in the University of Puerto Rico, the University that gave RUMarino the opportunity to thrive.

Alongside the outreach in other schools, the teams has also made its outreach inside the UPRM campus participating in Project Fair's, fundraising activities that allow the team to reach other areas of the campus and workshop's that together with the IEEE RAS, are intended to provide the opportunity for students to enter the field of automation and robotics to those who are interested. These workshops are open to all types of students, up to all majors.

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