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Proteus is our first autonomous underwater vehicle, is not only our first but the first in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Proteus is aimed to help students learn about autonomy and all the systems that go in to building an autonomous vehicle.

Proteus has changed since our start in 2016. We are currently working with Proteus version 3.0, as seen below. You can also check out our older versions, Beta, 1.0 and 2.0, and see Proteus' evolution.


Proteus 3.0 is our latest model for the 2018 Robosub competition. Our new cabin for battery allocation, the modified mechanical structure and our new software architecture allows for this AUV to be more robust, modular and reliable.

New components:

  • Arduino Due A000062

  • New water proof sub cabin

  • 3D printed components

  • VectorNav VN-100 Rugged IMU

  • PCB circuitry


Proteus 2.0 is was our model for the 2017 Robosub competition. Its new cabin and embedded systems allowed this AUV to be more stable when completing the task at hand, and doing so with a better response time due to its bigger processing power.

Some of the new components:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Tx1

  • MSP430 5529 (2)

  • New water proof main cabin

  • Slim aluminum 4020 structure

  • Innovative internal cooling system

  • 3D printed camera mounts

  • Power kill switch

  • More efficient wiring

  • Lighter weight (~50lbs)

  • PCB circuitry

  • Better Power Distribution


Proteous 1.0 was our first main prototype. After multiple ideas and hard work our heavy weight AUV was created. With an estimate weight of 90lbs is our biggest model yet. With low processing capabilities there was still room to grow.


  • Pelican Case Main Cabin

  • Aluminum 4020 structure

  • Blue Robotics thrusters (6)

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

  • Arduino Mega

  • Front-facing Camera (1)


Proteus Beta was our research and development model. Started with some PVC structure before moving to a simple aluminum 4020 version. With a big pelican case as its main cabin and only 4 thrusters, our project began.

Initial Components:

  • PVC/Aluminum 4020 structure

  • Pelican Case Main Cabin

  • Blue Robotics thrusters (4)

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