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Excited for this new school year

Hydrus AUV

A dynamic and innovative initiative undertakes this new semester as we prepare for the RoboSub 2024 competition. The talented STEM students put what they've learned in class into reality as they expand their knowledge and experience.

Hydrus is our newest Autonomous Underwater Vehicle designed with modularity and future expansion in mind. Measuring 3 feet long, carrying a stereoscopic camera, 8 thrusters, dual torpedo launchers, and a more extensive sensor suite, Hydrus is a complete leap forward in capability from its predecessor.


We are the first group of college students in the Caribbean to create an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that is competing in the RoboSub competition.  

The team includes 30 members from various engineering branches such as:
Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical and Computer Engineering. By working together as a team, our members are taught revolutionary technology that will prepare them technically and professionally for their future careers.

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