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Software Architecture Division

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​The team's main software engineering branch is the software architecture division. It is in charge of creating our vehicle's software development life cycle by utilizing the ROS stack, which is made up of multiple nodes that communicate with one another. This implies that the team must be familiar with all of the team's software modules, as they all use ROS tools and require the guidance of this division to properly develop their work. Given this, the group is in charge of ensuring the most efficient deployment of all of the aforementioned software modules developed by the other software teams.

It is responsible of developing all the software codes for the high-level mission logic and how the vehicle will handle the interactions with his environment. Some of the logic implemented was the mission controller that is a sequential program that decides what obstacle mission Hydrus is going to complete at certain moments. 

Low level programing is also an integral part of the programing team as it works directly with the microcontrollers that make possible the movement of our vehicle with our thrusters.  



Jomar Vélez

Computer Science & Engineering


Ordep Agustín



Diego Quiñones

Computer Science & Engineering



Edyan Cruz

Software Engineering


Alan Mercado

Computer Engineering

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